Thursday, October 30, 2008


I don't care who you are voting for; even if you're not voting for Obama this is still HILARIOUS! You can customize it and send it to your friends! On a side not though GO OBAMA!

Friday, October 17, 2008


My mom bought Nate and I a mattress for Christmas 2 YEARS AGO!! I must emphasize it's been two years! It was a really nice memory foam, king mattress from Sam's Club. Lately the memory foam has formed a hump in the middle of the bed and the mattress has been making funny squeaky noises. We just weren't sleeping well so we were thinking about buying a new one. I went to the Serta website to look into the warranty on this mattress. It said I would have to PAY TO SEND THE MATTRESS IN and then they would decide whether to fix or replace the mattress! What a joke! How do you even ship a mattress and that would cost as much as buying a new one right??? I may as well drive the mattress to the company! Anyway as a last resort I contacted Sam's Club and told them my story. I figured what was the worst that could happen and they would probably just say there was nothing they could do right???? Well they told me to bring the mattress in and they would give us a new one!!!!!!!!! I WAS IN TOTAL SHOCK! I guess they just deal with Serta and the warranty and all that but I would never think after two years I could just return something with no hassle at all. Last night we went and got our new mattress so we will see how it goes!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Here are some more pics of our trip. I have TONS so I just picked out a few. I am a little camera happy when it comes to animals....not so much when it comes to pictures of myself.

Cute bride and groom!

My new favorite animal BUFFALO! He was walking out of the shot too quickly!

ELK EVERYWHERE!! We almost saw two elk get into a fight but they ended up leaving peacefully! I don't like to see violence but it would have been cool to see.

These are of the church they got married in. The ceiling was beautiful!

YELLOWSTONE WEDDING (no....not my wedding!)

Nate and I went to Yellowstone for four days for the wedding of some friends of ours. I have known Bobbie since about 4th grade and Nate and I hang out with her and her fiance (now husband) Brandon as often as we can. It was the best vacation Nate and I have been on in the 3 years we have been together (except maybe when we got engaged in Sun Valley).

Here are some pics of us at Bear World. We had such a good time ON THE WAY to Yellowstone we weren't sure it could get better!

They would clap for food. It was the cutest thing!

He is such a cute bear!

I am the BABY BEAR!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Okay so across the hall from us is VEHIX (the company) and there are these guys that play jokes on each other all the time. The one guy is out of town so they wrapped his ENTIRE OFFICE in foil. It is one of the most incredible things I have ever seen! You have to see it to truly appreciate it I think. Click on the pictures to make them big so you can see it better. Every little key on the keyboard, every little phone and computer cord, every business card individually wrapped……notice the little green plant sticking out in the one picture!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We went to Jack Johnson last night. I even brough my camera with me.........unfortunately the battery was dead. Not the first time this has happened as Nate loved to point out. It was really fun and there were TONS of people. Some guy in the front called out that his wife wanted to have Jacks baby and Jack got all flustered and screwed up the song and had to start over. It was pretty funny. Jack is really chill and his voice was just as good as listening to one of his cds. Yes I call him Jack as if I know him....haha! I really love going to concerts. They can be kind of expensive but it's worth it I think. It is expensive fun but fun just the same.

NEXT UP: JASON MRAZ in October (which I could not possibly be more excited for if I tried!)

Monday, August 11, 2008


I took my nephew miniature golfing last week. It was so fun. He is seriously the coolest kid. I can't believe how much I love my neices and nephews! I didn't know it was possible to love kids so much that aren't your own!

My Friend Bobbie (the one in the middle on the first picture) is getting married in September. They are getting married in Yellowstone and I am a bridesmaid. We went out on Saturday night for a little Bachelorette party. We rented a limo and they didn't have small ones so they said they would give us the big one for the same price and we ended up with a HUMMER LIMO(Thanks AUDRA!)!!! It was really fun. We drove around Salt Lake and then went to the Sky Bar downtown. The bride ended up passing out but I won't embarrass her by posting those pictures!